We have index for the research project!

loupeWatch out for false friends Catalan – English

Linguistic interferences that a Catalan exchange student in USA should know


1. Objectives, hypothesis and Project methodology

2. The linguistic false friends

2.1 Semantic

2.1.1 Identical words with different meaning

2.1.2 False cognats

2.1.3 Different words with similar meaning

2.1.4 Dialects

2.1.6 Linguistic registers

2.2 Spelling

2.2.1 Homonym

2.2.2 Folk etymology

2.3 Phonetic

2.3.1 Homophone

2.3.2 The monosyllables

2.3.3 Pun (paronomasia)

2.4 Grammatical

2.4.1 Of syntax

2.4.2 Of morphology

2.5. Other interferences that play as linguistic false friendship

2.5.1 Collocations

2.5.2 Idioms

2.5.3 Proverbs

2.5.4 Tongue-twister

3. Conclusions

4. References

5. Annexes

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